Our Work in Bletchingley

Our site

Bletchingley oilfield dates from 1966 and was acquired in 1993 by Star Energy which is now part of IGas Energy. In 2007, permission was given for an appraisal of the existing wells which confirmed the presence of oil.

Since then, the company has been continuing to appraise the field and has done so by establishing a small operation about the size of a football pitch (0.7ha) at the site of wells 5 and 6 – which we call “Bletchingley Central”.

Around 300 barrels a day (40 tonnes) is being extracted as part of this process, with up to two tankers a day removing oil and water. Planning permission has recently been granted for renewal of our temporary permission for one year to allow this appraisal to continue while also developing our longer term plans.

In 2012 we undertook flow testing of the nearby wellsite known as “Bletchingley 2”. This confirmed the presence of a viable quantity of gas which is also part of our longer term plans for the field as a whole.

Our plans

In August 2015 we submitted a planning application to retain, extend and upgrade the existing Bletchingley 2 and Bletchingley Central well sites to support the production of conventional hydrocarbons for a period of up to 15 years.

The development would involve the extraction of oil and gas, with the gas being used in a variety of ways, including the generation of electricity to power the onsite processes, the export of electricity and the export of natural gas, via either a gas to wire (generate electricity) or via pipeline into the nearby National Grid pipeline system.

Our proposal included an application to upgrade access to the sites, the laying of pipelines adjacent to the access track and the installation of hydrocarbon production plant.

We also applied for permissions to install new oil and water storage tanks, equipment for gas to wire and grid scheme, a tanker holding area and perimeter fencing. The duration of the permission we sought was over a period of up to 15 years.

Restoration schemes involving a return to pasture have previously been approved under the existing appraisal permissions and it is proposed to carry these schemes forward. This will ensure that any impact upon the area will be temporary and entirely reversible.

In March 2016, Surrey County Council granted permission for the application.