Health, Safety and Environment

Oil and gas has been safely explored, developed and produced at our sites for more than 30 years. We also operate within one of the of the world’s most stringent regulatory frameworks for onshore energy production. We always work within this framework, and we will continue to adhere to the strict environmental and safety codes in the next phase of the Company’s development. As a British business, we recognise more than most the pressures on our natural environment and the need to place its protection alongside other critical considerations.

Our most recent Bletchingly planning application was be made up of a Planning Statement and an Environmental Statement. These considered the potential effects of the development on the environment, community and economy.  Key issues in relation to this proposal included an assessment of:

  • Transport and Access
  • Landscape Character and Visual Impact
  • Flood Risk
  • Ecology (including soil)
  • Groundwater and surface water
  • Noise
  • Archaeology
  • Air quality

Further studies will be on-going to ensure environmental compliance as the development proceeds.

The sites are already covered by an Environmental Protection Permit (EPR) and an application to update this permit was made to the Environment Agency at the same time as the planning application. Environmental Permits will also be sought from the Environment Agency, prior to any drilling operations starting in relation to mining waste, drilling and groundwater protection.

Health and Safety