Our Work in Ellesmere Port

Our Project in Ellesmere Port

Following on from the successful drilling of an exploratory well in Ellesmere Port in 2014 (full details below), we have now completed our evaluation of the geological data gathered from the well and applied to Cheshire West and Chester Council for permission to conduct further tests on the well (to view the application please click here).

We are proposing to re-enter the existing well to establish whether commercial hydrocarbon production is possible from the Pentre Chert Formation.

The proposed development consists of five principal phases:

1. Installation of well test equipment, including workover rig;
2. The first of two tests: Drill Stem Test (DST);
3. A second test: Extended Well Test (EWT);
4. Suspension of the well; and
5. Removal of test equipment.

Prior to the commencement of any operations we will be required to obtain all relevant permits from Environment Agency and consent for the test from the Oil and Gas Authority.

We have received the environmental permits please click here to see the announcement.

Please read our statement regarding the Planning Officer’s recommendation for approval of the application here

Current Status

The Planning Committee heard our application on 25 January 2018 and turned it down.

We appealed against the decision by Cheshire West and Chester Council.  The appeal was heard by way of a planning inquiry which began in January 2019.  The Planning Inspector’s decision to allow or to refuse the appeal is expected in the second quarter of 2019.

What it’s not

For the avoidance of doubt, our proposals do not involve any additional drilling, the deepening of the existing well or hydraulic fracturing. It only relates to the flow testing of the existing well and associated preparatory works (also known as a “workover”) necessary to prepare the well for test.

Public Exhibition

We held a public exhibition in relation to the above proposals on Wednesday 16 August 2017. To view the information boards that were on display, please click here.

Site history

In 2011 we received planning permission from Cheshire West and Chester Council to drill an exploratory well off Merseyton Road in Ellesmere Port. The site is around 2.3 acres – about the size of one and a half football pitches – and is located in a highly industrial area, Port Northside.
The primary objective of this well was to identify the resource potential including Coal Bed Methane in the underlying rock formations and to gain lots of data, including:

  • Measurement of the total thickness of potential energy-bearing rock formations
  • The retrieval of rock samples to determine their potential to hold energy, such as oil or gas
  • Information to help calibrate regional seismic data
  • Improve sub-surface understanding