Our Work in Ellesmere Port

Our Project in Ellesmere Port

In 2011 we received planning permission from Cheshire West and Chester Council to drill an exploratory well off Merseyton Road in Ellesmere Port, this area is highly industrial meaning we are surrounded by other industries with similar land uses. Our site is around 2.3 acres – about the size of one and a half football pitches.

The primary objective of this well was to identify the resource potential including Coal Bed Methane in the underlying rock formations and to gain lots of data, including:

  • Measurement of the total thickness of potential energy-bearing rock formations
  • The retrieval of rock samples to determine their potential to hold energy, such as oil or gas
  • Information to help calibrate regional seismic data
  • Improve sub-surface understanding

Environmental monitoring 

On every site IGas works hard to ensure its operations have minimal impact on the surrounding land and our neighbours.

Key to this is a thorough understanding of the starting position for the site in terms of the current environment.

IGas works with a team of independent, environmental consultants to assess our sites both before work starts and throughout the programme. They carry out a series of tests to understand the current condition of air, water and soil on the Ellesmere Port site. This information provides a baseline against which we measure our ongoing operation.

Well Results

The well was spudded on 15 November 2014 and, due in part to lessons learned on the previous wells, the well total depth (TD) was reached ahead of schedule on 12 December 2014.

The well encountered a thick section of the Coal Measure interval as well as a shale sequence before penetrating the key Dinantian limestone geophysical marker. The Coal Measure interval was approximately 800 feet thick and contained several seams.

A very significant shale section of approximately 1,400 feet was also drilled. Preliminary analysis suggests both the Sabden Shale and Bowland Shales have been encountered and cores have been acquired across these intervals. Significant gas indications were observed across the shale section.

The well, including the shale section, is being logged and the logs, together with the cores, will be sent away for further detailed analysis.

The drilling of the well has been accomplished ahead of schedule and under budget.