Our Work in Ince Marshes

Our project at Ince Marshes

IGas Energy has spent some time looking at the potential to extract hydrocarbons from the rock underlying this area and we have undertaken extensive 3D seismic testing to thoroughly understand the geology of the area. We then carried out preliminary work to identify a site that benefits from appropriate existing infrastructure and which is located within a predominantly industrial area, close to businesses which use high volumes of gas.  As a result of this work, we are now in a position to proceed towards seeking formal planning permission for development at this selected site.

The site that has been selected is on land off Grinsome Road in Elton. It is an existing IGas site that was originally drilled in 2011.  The planning process starts with the submission of a scoping document to the local authority, Cheshire West and Chester, to agree the extent and nature of environmental assessments required to inform any future planning application.

We intend to use the existing well as a monitoring borehole and to drill a second well to explore for hydrocarbons. We want to further test the various rock formations, including shale, for detailed information and to establish the quantity and quality of natural gas within the rocks.

If the exploration drilling is successful it is proposed to conduct hydraulic fracturing and flow testing to better understand the extent and nature of any potential gas that may exist. Depending on the results of the flow testing we will then decide whether we then suspend the well or seek separate planning permission to go into production.

Public Engagement

We are committed to engaging with local people at every step of the planning process and have held two public drop-in exhibitions for local residents to learn about our proposals, the benefits to the local community and discuss any concerns.

We will continue our programme of engagement as we go through the planning process.