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IGas, the British onshore oil and gas explorer and producer, has identified a  location which it proposes to develop as a new exploration site. A planning application has been submitted to Nottinghamshire County Council and is awaiting determination.

Should planning permission be awarded, work will begin by drilling a vertical exploration well to evaluate the geology and shale potential at this location. If successful, a horizontal well will then be drilled immediately to assess the lateral extent of the shale column. At this stage a further Planning Application would be made for approval to hydraulically fracture the horizontal section and test the flow of gas.

The proposed new exploration site is located at Springs Road in North Nottinghamshire.

It is important to point out that as part of the planning process, we will continue to hold many consultation events and provide as much information as possible to local people.

Springs Road with red line (ID 527569)
Aerial Photograph of the Springs Road site.

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This planning application has been recommended for approval by planning officials and will be determined at the Nottinghamshire County Council planning committee on Wednesday 5th October. To see the IGas press release click here.

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Nottinghamshire County Council has deferred its decision on the planning application. Read our statement here.

Gas and North Nottinghamshire

Gas is needed to deliver heat to homes and businesses and in manufacturing and industry, in order to deliver this gas, we need to find suitable land on which to drill wells.

Initial studies – and a long history of drilling in the area – suggest North Nottinghamshire is one of the areas of the UK that could be sitting on a wealth of gas. This could secure our future energy supplies and create jobs for local people.

What attracted us to this area’s geology?

  • A British Geological Survey, historical research and actual data tell us that the coal beds and the shale formations below this area have the potential to hold very large amounts of gas.
  • As far back as 1939 the first commercial onshore oilfield was established at Eakring Nottinghamshire

The gas lies within different types of rock – formed when sediments of rotting vegetable and animal matter were compressed to form hard rock. A combination of heat and pressure turned the sediments into gas – plus, of course, coal, which the area has a rich history of developing.

There are potentially extensive gas reserves associated with the coal and sediments beneath much of the Nottinghamshire coalfield. Our exploratory activities will tell us more about what, precisely, lies beneath the area and what potential it may have for commercial production.

Next steps

We will continue further engagement with local communities to ensure as many people as possible can hear about the process itself, our approach to community engagement and the potential benefits that our investment might bring.

Should our planning applications be successful then all drilling sites will be designed and operated under strict Government regulations in order to protect the environment.

We held community exhibitions in the local area on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th November. Please click the link on the side of this page to view the brochure from the Springs Road exhibition.

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