Environmental Impact Assessment

Following site identification in 2015, IGas consultants prepared a Scoping Report which  was a precursor to a full Environmental Impact Assessment to support a planning application. It is not a formal requirement of the planning process to provide an Environmental Impact Assessment for an application of this nature, but IGas volunteered to provide this information, as a matter of best practice.

The application is for the drilling of two exploratory boreholes and subject to the evaluation of the borehole results, IGas will decide if it is appropriate to submit another planning application to carry out further evaluation by a small scale hydraulic fracture of the vertical section of the shale horizon and test the flow of gas.

The aim of the Scoping Report was to identify the key issues of concern at an early stage in the planning process which would  require to be addressed in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA.)  The scoping exercise  considered such matters as transport access, noise sensitive receptors, visual impact and other environmental matters which could influence the site selection and operation.

The Scoping Report was submitted to Nottinghamshire County Council  in Autumn 2015 and after consultation, their response was received by IGas, detailing any further areas they felt should be covered in the EIA.

The content of the Scoping Report and response was then used to prepare a full Environmental Impact Assessment, which accompanied the planning application   submitted to Nottinghamshire County Council in October 2015.

Environmental Permits

In parallel with the production of the EIA, discussions are on-going with the Environment Agency with the applications for a number of Environmental Permits.