Visual Impact

The drilling rig

As the drill rig we use will be dependent on availability, our planning application has made assessments on the maximum adverse impacts in relation to noise, visual character and lighting from a range of potentially available drilling rigs.

This approach ensures that we are fully open and transparent with our neighbours and the community as to what the possible temporary impacts could be.

As such, the assessments we have undertaken alongside the planning application accounts for a fully enclosed extended rig of up to 52m in maximum height. The rig will be on site for a maximum duration of 186 days (93 days per well).

Transport Plans

All HGV movements to and from the site will be via the A286 and A272 to the A3. The existing access track through the forest will be utilised.

Site preparation will require approximately 5 flatbed lorry deliveries, with one crane in attendance. There will be some additional movements for personnel during the course of the operation.

The estimated total future traffic demands for drilling the two wells (where one vehicle performing a return journey generates two movements) are:

o Site preparation: 10 days / average of less than one HGV per day

o Rig mobilisation: 8 days / average of 13 HGVs per day

o Drilling phase: 93 days / average of 3 HGVs per day

o Rig demobilisation: 8 days / average of 13 HGVs per day

Less the site preparation, which will have been done ahead of drilling the first well, these durations and HGV numbers will be repeated during the drilling of the second well.

The number of movements for HGVs for any one day (during production periods), is restricted to 30 i.e. 15 departures of loaded HGVs.

Realistically, the actual movements at the site following completion of drilling will be approximately half this number.

Board 8

Visual Impact

These proposals are for our existing Singleton Oilfield Site, situated within the Singleton Forest. The site is surrounded by a substantial area of commercial forestry owned and managed by the Forestry Commission.

No part of the site is currently visible in the wider landscape of the South Downs National Park, or from within Singleton Forest itself.

The proposals comprise the temporary placement of a 52m high drilling rig for a period of some 186 days spread over two separate phases (93 days per well). Following each drilling phase an additional hydrocarbon producing beam pump would be installed and operated over the drilled well during the on-going production stage.

These beam pumps will be the same as those already operating on site and will not be visible except from within the site itself.

Overall there would be no permanent adverse impacts on the landscape character or visual amenity of residents or people using the Public Rights of Way Network within the Zone of Visual Influence, or on the special qualities of the South Downs National Park.

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